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The word PROBUS is an amalgam of the words PROfessional and BUSiness. Probus Clubs are non-political, nonsectarian

and are neither fund raising nor welfare organisations. They are a great source of social interaction, fellowship and friendship for the retired and semi-retired.


The main objectives of all Probus Clubs are:

    • To assist you as a member in making your retirement both a fulfilling and relaxed period in your life with a

      structure and routine of interesting things to look forward to.

    • To help you increase your social contacts through opportunities to meet others with similar interests and

      backgrounds and to enjoy their company and fellowship.


The main activities and benefits of membership of the Probus Club of Warrawee are:

    • A monthly general meeting (fourth Friday of every month except December) where guest speakers provide

     fascinating information of interest and benefit. All welcome.

   • Visits to places of special interest (second Tuesday of most months).

   • Walks. Explore and chat in areas that members may not normally visit (first Thursday of every month except

     January). Excellent opportunity for social interaction.

    . Cinema and dinner, the Wednesday evening following the monthly general meeting

   • Lunches at places offering attractive combination of quality, ambience and value (four times a year). Provides

     excellent opportunity for fellowship and friendship.

   • Lawn bowling tournaments against other Probus Clubs. Expands friendships.

   • A Computing and Digital Photography Group where subjects of group interest are discussed and problems

     solved (first Tuesday of every month except January)

   • A monthly newsletter, distributed to all our members, sets out the forward program of all the activities of the

     Club for the benefit of members and their wives/partners.


Monthly Meetings:

The monthly meetings of the Probus Club of Warrawee are held in the comfort of the Warrawee Function Centre

(Bowling Club) 1479 Pacific Highway (next to Knox Grammar School and located opposite Fox Valley Road)

Warrawee, from 10 am to 12 noon. Parking is available on site with easy walking access to the nearby meeting room.

Car pooling may be arranged for those unable to drive. A light lunch is available for a nominal fee from the Bowling

club. Morning tea is available for visitors at no charge.


Membership of the Club is available for men only but wives/partners are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings

and to participate in all activities to the extent possible. The joining fee is currently $50 and the annual subscription

which covers both members and wives/partners, is presently $75 (pro-rata for new members on a quarterly basis) to

1 April 2020.


Attendance at meetings:

Before joining, prospective members (and guests of members) are welcome to attend monthly general meetings and

other activities in order to gain a better understanding of what the Club offers. We look forward to greeting and

meeting with you.


Applications for Membership and general communications should be mailed to:

             Hon Secretary,

             Probus Club of Warrawee Inc.

             PO Box 96

             St Ives NSW 2075.


New members are inducted at a monthly general meeting.


Since 1983