Nick's Book Club - Tuesday 19 November

We had Tony Davis, the author of "Brabham" with us. Whe read some facinating books, but it was wonderful to have Tony with us to learn first hand on what was involved in writing this facinating book.



COFFEE SOCIETY - Morning Thursday 13 February

Another great "Coffee society"  .



Wine and Cheese Afternoon - Tuesday 17 December

The Cheese and Wine group met at Barry Lloyd’s harbour side home for their last gathering of the year.

Thirteen members attended and had the opportunity to sample a vintage champagne,four white wines and four red wines and a selection of cheeses and antipasto.




General Meeting - Friday 24 January

Our guest speaker was Bill Phippin, his subject was "The search for thr Morse Photo Albums". This was a facinating talk on the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.



Walk - Thursday 5 December

Ten members and partners walked along millionaires’ row near Fairy Bower and the beaches from Shelley Beach to Queenscliff Beach. Despite the bushfire smoke, all enjoyed the outing.



Computer Group - Tuesday 21 January

Members of Warrawee Probus met with the Wahroonga Computer Group and discussed topics from the technical press as well as a talk on Archiving using Excel.



Photo competitions

Overall winner 2019

Click here  to see the entries for the "people's choice", winners since 2010 and more.

Luncheon - Thursday 22 August - Gordon Blue


This was another of Alan's fabulous luncheons much enjoyed by those who were lucky eneough to be there as the evnt was overbooked.



Outing - Tuesday 11 February - Reserve Bank

A great rollup of members and partners were given a most interesting presentation at the Reserve Bank on the history of our bank notes, their production and the security measures now incorporated. A tour of the museum was followed by lunch at the Courtyard Cafe behind the Sydney Hospital. Voted a great outing by all.



Monday 5 November - Kayaking

20 Members and partners had a great morning on Narrabeen Lagoon, followed by a well deserved lunch in the Boathouse



2019 Photo competition

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"NONAGENARIAN" day out - Tuesday 22 November

A very pleasant and enjoyable lunch was held with our senior members  at the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Newport.



2019 Christmas dinner in the Killara Golf Club.

A very succesful evening was held, attended by some 100 members and their partners.



Since 1983

190416 WC Rob Adams

Short tour 6 - 9 November - Dubbo Zoofari

A great time was held by all



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Opal Club Outing - Thursday 26 September

Newcastle and Stockton

A great Opal Outing was held. This was very well attended and the card took us with the ferry to Stockton.

This "new" event on our calendar is a great way to get around and meet our fellow members and partners.



wharf rev

Culture events - Sunday 15 September - Wharf Revieuw - This was the last of the culture events for 2019. We look forward to another great year in 2020.



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Photography group - Thursday 16 January

A very well attended and enthousiastic group met to discuss last year's competion entries and plan for 2020



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Annual Barbeque - 16 January Bobin Head

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January - Cinema evening - We had a most enjoyable dinner in SaltPepperNutmeg and Basil&Bedlam before seeing "JoJo Rabit" in Roseville Cinema next door. A good start of the year to the monthly cinema evenings.



200211 Reserve Banl 200211 Reserve Bank Visit 200213 Coffee Club A 200218 WC Goozee (002)

WINE & CHEESE - Tuesday 18 February

Fifteen members  reviewed a number of wines at the home of Roger Goosee.



200220 Howard & Chris

PHOTOGRPHY GROUP - Thursday 20 February

A small group of members used the Honsby Mall Markets for their photographic outing



Why take photos when we could just chat

Confetti & Chaos

CULTURAL ACTIVITY - Evening Thursday 13 February

Probus Warrawee made up a table of 12 members and partners and enjoyed a real laugh, great food and a drink as we participated in this crazy wedding party hosted by Kevin Mund at our meeting venue – Warrawee Bowling Club  .