Nick's Book Club - Tuesday 24 September

A very lifely discussion was held over a coffee and/or beer about the three books we read over the past two months (The Rip - Hitch and Dark Emu). Ho we can agree to disagree and come out so much the better. These session are a great moring on our calander.



COFFEE CLUB - Morning 10 October

It was again a good morning with members, partners & friends at the popular coffee morning in the Lady Davidson Cafe.  



Wine and Cheese Afternoon - Tuesday 27 August

The members attended the Wine and Cheese group at Alan's place in Lindfield. We sampled some excellent wines, along with a variety of cheeses and crackers.



General Meeting - Friday 25 October

Bruce Graham spoke about his fascination with Tesla cars and the man behind them Elon Musk. This was a very relevant talk as the world moves away from petrol driven cars. The talk held the interest of members as judged by the questons at the end


Cinema - Wednesday 30 November

The movie screened was  "Ride Like a Girl". This was a good evening with dinner for all at  SaltPepperNutmeg and  after a very interesting and enjoyable film, which was very timely with Melbourne Cup the next week.  


Walk - Tuesday 5 November

Sculpture by the Sea - What a great walk, and was this the last "Sculpure by the Sea" in its current location? Only time will tell



Computering Group - Tuesday 16 August

Members of Warrawee Probus met with the Wahroonga Computer Group and heard of topics from the technical press as well as a talk on Archiving using Excel and a demonstration of Google Photos


Photography - Thursday 17 October

The photography group met in Gore Hill Cemetery . A good morning and a lot was learnt. Five "Happy Snappers" were present.



Photo competitions

Overall winner 2018

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Luncheon - Thursday 22 August - Gordon Blue


This was another of Alan's fabulous luncheons much enjoyed by those who were lucky eneough to be there as the evnt was overbooked.



Outing - Monday 14 October

Sixteen members and partners were taken on a most revealing tour of the Choice testing laboriories at Marickville, where we were introduced to the behind the scenes Intricacies of product testing.



Monday 5 November - Kayaking

20 Members and partners had a great morning on Narrabeen Lagoon, followed by a well deserved lunch in the Boathouse



Warrawee Bowling Club - Thursday 29 August

Faulty Towers

We were entartained by this delightful group. There is so much fun in life



2018 Photo competition

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"NONAGENARIAN" day out - Tuesday 22 November

A very pleasant and enjoyable lunch was held with our senior members  at the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Newport.



Ginger Meggs says G'Day Mate

2018 Christmas dinner in the Killara Golf Club.

A very succesful evening was held, attended by some 100 members and there partners.



181213 news

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190416 WC Rob Adams Computing Groups

Short tour 6  9 November - Dubbo Zoofari

A great time was held by all



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Opal Club Outing - Thursday 26 September

Newcastle and Stockton

A great Opal Outing was held. This was very well attended and the card took us with the ferry to Stockton.

This "new" event on our calendar is a great way to get around and meet our fellow members and partners.



190829 Faulty towers (1) 190924 wharf rev

Culture events - Sunday 15 September - Wharf Revieuw - This was the last of the culture events for 2019. We look forward to another great year in 2020.

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